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The Correct Office Chair Sitting Posture

Posted by Melodyhome on February 17, 2013 05:23 PM

The study showed that correct office furniture sitting posture can reduce 80 percent of cervical disease.  Many office workers have the wrong sitting posture. And most office workers may easily cause spine disease.

office chair1

Firstly, according to the character of the work, you need to adjust the workbench to the proper height. Because different desk heights have different requirements for the placement of the seat, so sometimes you need to change a seat.

Once the desk height is fixed, you can do "frame of reference" according to the various parts of the body, and adjust the seat height.

Sitting for a long time is harmful for our health.

office chair2

1) Sedentary may cause aching muscles, stiff neck, headache and dizziness, and increase lumbar spine disease and cervical disease.

2) It may also cause decrease in systemic vascular blood volume (the peripheral blood Capacity), and heart disease in the elderly, early occurrence of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure and other illnesses.

office chair3

3) Sedentary may cause pleural blood, and resulting in the reducing of the lung function and hearts function.

The spine experts also remind many people that many office chair height is not standard, and cannot let the body freed from disease. So how can the office chair be adjusted to the "best state"? That’s the most important issue.

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