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Office Furniture Customization Process

Posted by Melodyhome on January 09, 2013 12:00 AM

Today I will give you the detail process of office furniture customization. If you want to customize furniture, you can do as follows. Hope the following suggestions can help you a lot.

office furniture2

① Free advice

If you want to know some information about office furniture, you can get the answer from the customer Consultation. The shop owner will provide you some professional advice and suggestions

② Measurement

In order to better design and planning, the shopkeeper will provide you for free door-to-door measurement

office furniture1

③ Drawing

According to the survey results, professional design staff will provide you with more space saving, more functional, and more personalized plane or three-dimensional design pictures.

④ Plan
If know the size of the room and how many people in your family, the owner will be for you to make professional price scheme and reasonable space-saving program.

office furniture3

 ⑤ Check computation

Shopkeepers will estimate to configure a reasonable system of office furniture for you based on your budget. Then they will give you a detailed and reasonable price offer. You can check the detailed list at any time for goods replacement.

⑥ Confirm

After checking the plan and the final product determination, you can further talk with the professionals for negotiations, such as the delivery, installation and the payment

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