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The World's Top Furniture Brands in 2012

Posted by Melodyhome on September 13, 2012 06:36 PM

Now the world's top furniture brands in the Chinese market is basically concentrated in the Medicis household museum for sale. As the general agency of more than 30 world's top furniture brands in China, Medicis takes full charge of the establishment and management of the world's top furniture brand sales network around China.

Follows are the simple introduction of several world's top furniture brands.

The world's top ten furniture brand – Carpanelli

Carpanelli was established in 1919 and has a history of nearly one hundred years so far. Preferring the most valuable wood, like cherry wood and Myrtle Grove, it presents the artistic charm of furniture through the sliced wood veneer. With the handicraft inherited from generation to generation and the unique design style, Carpanelli furniture is full of artistic feeling just like the sculpture. And each piece can exist as a unique art masterpiece, which enables Carpanelli furniture to retain its top ten positions in the world's furniture industry.

The world's top ten furniture brand – Ezio Arredamenti

Ezio Arredamenti, top Italian furniture brand, is a part of Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti S.r.l. It is located in Italia furniture center – Brianza. The more than hundred years of craftsmanship passing from generation to generation endows Ezio Arredamenti with abundant experience and infinite creativities. From the customer list of Ezio Arredamenti, we can see long string names of the head of state.


FAAA was set up in 1913. The logo is the four letters – FAAA, which not only means the abbreviation, but also has another meaning: F: free, A: amenable, A: ameliorate, A: advance. Using the rare wood like cherry wood, FAAA takes the natural texture to hand-carve. The company also pays much attention to the practicality, comfort and artistry of the furniture. FAAA Always represents the top workmanship of Italia furniture.

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