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How to Remove Interior Decoration Odors

Posted by Melodyhome on August 07, 2013 05:57 PM

If you have bought a new house, then you will encounter this kind of interior decoration odors problem. The pungent smell caused by chemical materials in home decoration. It is difficult to remove. No matter how much air fresheners you use, the odor nuisance is still a long way with your personal space.

decoration odor1

Here are just a few ways to help you quickly clear the house decoration odors

1.Open the windows for ventilation. But avoid opening the window that can directly make the pain dry, for it may cause cracking.

2.Use the small bucket or a basin to storage the water, then add the right amount of vinegar in it and put in the ventilated room, and open the door of furniture. This will protect the coating surface at the top of the wall, and also eliminate the residual decoration odor absorption;

decoration odor2

3.If the economic conditions permit, you can buy some pineapple to put one in each room. You can put more for the large room. Because pineapple is crude fiber fruit. It can play a role of absorbing paint fumes, and can distribute the fragrance of pineapple flavor. So it can accelerate the speed of odor removal.

decoration odor3

4.Use citric to wipe. How to remove residual odor of the new renovated room? You cannot open all the doors and windows for ventilation, because it might dry the top of the wall paint that has just completed construction and prone to cracking. Use citric acid soaked cotton balls hanging in the wooden furniture or the interior room to remove the decoration odors.

decoration odor4

5.Many people know that fruit is a natural and practical "air freshener." Some people use jackfruit to remove the newly renovated house chemical smell. The effect is also very good. As jackfruit is an individual large fruit with a very strong flavor. So a few days later, it can absorb the entire odor.

decoration odor5

6.Fruit peel is also a good way to remove the odors. You can go to the market to pick up some high-tech cleaner with cured flavor. It can remove the odors of the newly renovated rooms. In addition, the orange peel, lemon peel and other fruit peel are also a very effective way to remove the decoration odors.

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