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"Snake" Home Furniture Becomes Popular This Year

Posted by Melodyhome on January 30, 2013 12:00 AM

2013 is the “snake” year in China. Spring Festival is coming. Some people want to add some “snake” home decorations to their house. The snake writhing body is extremely soft and smooth lines, which is the most significant difference between the S-shaped curve crawling snakes and other animals.

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A lot of furniture and interior designers get inspiration from the features of snakes. They have designed a lot of unique and beautiful “snake” home furniture.

Snake-like furniture is very popular this year. Straight lines and curves have the opposite beauties. They often use curves to show the gentle feeling. The curve lines can give people the feeling of light and soft.

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In the tradition of Chinese culture, furniture with snake-like elements can have a soft, elegant beauty. The snakes screen gives the furniture a vivid display. The flow lines and texture, the natural rhythm all are the combination of curve. It is a means of artistic ingenuity.

The shape of the curve can make the furniture design more changeable and freed. Lying on top in line with the human curve rattan furniture, you can feel very comfortable.

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In modern interior design, snake-like furniture is also special. It uses the curve and unique lines to beak the tedium of the space. It gives the sensual beauty to this rational space. Snake furniture has become widely accepted in modern interior design.

In the modern interior design, people advocate simple and reasonable design. The appropriate use of meandering stretch of the curve can not only add to the space sensual beauty, but also be able to make the indoor space filled with a sense of rhythm.

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