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Small Furniture for Small Houses

Posted by Melodyhome on October 26, 2012 12:00 AM

In urban limited home space, if we can find the suitable or appropriate small furniture, we can not only meet the needs of the use, but also enlarge the space. Generally speaking, small furniture takes up less area or space in the home and it brings the convenience of life, and at the same time encroaches on by our scarce living space.

small furniture-1

Small furniture - the preferred choice

In the limited space, small furniture is your first choice. Small furniture takes up less usable space areas than the ordinary furniture, making you feel the small space seems to be expanded. The preferred choice of living room is a set of small and low sofa. This kind of sofa usually has no arms. With a low height, and streamlined shape, it makes the space of the living room more smooth. Together with a small round table and a mini TV stand, the living room space can immediately expand visually. In addition, you'd better choose the arc-shaped furniture instead of that with edges and corners.

small furniture-2

Oriental furniture - extension of vision

Oriental furniture, like Chinese classical style and Japanese style. These kinds of furniture can create a natural and beautiful room for small houses. These furniture are always very small and low, and they have simple decorative lines, which make you feel the simplicity of room visually. A general furniture' placement usually present a high appearance, but the Japanese furniture gives you alternative idea, for it shows you a low appearance. This style will greatly reduce your visual burden and you'll feel the space variably widened.

small furniture-3

Light small furniture - simplification of space

The light small furniture can make the space more simplified. According to the materials, light furniture can be divided into several kinds: glass, rattan, wood, etc. Furniture of glass material has strong penetrability, and meanwhile gives you refreshing feeling, making the vision outspread infinitely. Recently, there appeared some furniture made from ground glass and decorative pattern glass, which also have the effect of extending the limited space.

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