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Latest Design Double Bed Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on November 30, 2012 12:00 AM

When select the bedroom furniture, the double bed is no doubt the indispensable furniture. A beautifully designed double bed creates a romantic and warm place for the lovers. So let’s appreciate the attractive double bed in latest designs.
double bed-1

Firstly, take a look at this pink romantic double bed. Every woman will love this bed at the first sight. Features round shape and fan shaped headboard, it looks unique and special. The headboard and the side are upholstered in leather, appearing noble. The color – pink adds elegance and charm to the bed.

double bed-2

Then, let’s appreciate this graceful country style double bed. The country style furniture is usually elegant, dignified and romantic. This bed is concise and elegant in design and structure as well as natural and pastel in color. It also features the delicate carved patterns on the headboard and footboard and rounded edged and corners. The fresh double bed is an amazing choice for the modern home.

double bed-3

The next is a Caesar Palace bed. When you see this bed at the first sight, you may be shock by its noble appearance. It is carefully crafted from solid wood and upholstered in leather. The sideboard and headboard features the exquisite elaborately beautiful carved patterns, which make this bed more sumptuous. If you have a sumptuous bedroom, this bed can suit it best.

double bed-4

The last one is a Chinese style double bed. Made from the South American walnut, it has a super quality, being stable and durable. It is smooth in design. The spacious bed surface is enough for two people. Finished in brown color, it looks natural and steady, suitable for middle aged people.

There is a large selection of other style and design double bed on Melodyhome. Head to have a look and get your favorite piece.

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