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The Styles of Dressing Room

Posted by Melodyhome on October 24, 2012 04:41 PM

For those people who love beauty and fashion, owing a beautiful and functional dressing room is their dream. It offers a place where put their clothes and accessories. The dressing rooms also have different deco styles. Different styles bring people different feelings. Let’s enjoy the following styles.

Dressing Room Design


dressing room pic1

1. Style: classical

Color: cherry-red

Main material: Medium Density Fiberboard

This dressing room not only has a rich classical style, but also can be matched with Chinese style. The grains of the wood and the understated color — cherry-red give a feeling of peace and steady. The wide frame which is made of solid wood is also understated but not losing the nobility. This dressing room is suit for the home which is classic style. The fabulous decoration and strong color no doubt create a magnificent effect, showing the high taste of the hosts.

dressing room pic2

2. Style: modern concise

Color: black and white

Main material: Medium Density Fiberboard

Height : 2.4m

This is a classic black and white dressing room with unique features. It is plain with modern feeling. The color back and white is two extremes in the color. Pure and concise, they are the timeless color matching. Besides, this dressing room also features beautiful lines and appearance with function. Look at the white drawers. You can determine the numbers and the handle style of the drawers. And the white line is the frame of the mirror. When you want to use the mirror, you can draw it out and rotate it 90 degrees.

dressing room pic3

3. style : European

color: ivory white

Main material: Medium Density Fiberboard

Height : 2.4m

This dressing room features ivory white and curved grains on the surface. It approaches to life no matter from the color or appearance design. With rich European flavor and fresh design, it is so popular. With complete function, it is great for who have many clothes.

A dedicated dressing room is perhaps the most fun room to have in a home. So if you have a large space in home, why not create an amazing dressing room for yourself


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