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Enjoy the Creative Bathtub Designs

Posted by Melodyhome on January 04, 2013 12:47 PM

A good bathtub is great for you to relax after a day’s work. The creative bathtub designs also bring unique element to your bathroom. When returning home at night, having a shower in the bathtub is really comfortable and relaxing. Let’s enjoy some creative bathtub designs now.

bathtub - designs - pic1

The first bathtub is called Latis. It is a new design of Australia bathroom brand – OMVIVO. This bathtub is made from stone and wood, creating a traditional as well as a fashionable bathroom. From the picture, we can see that the retro wood and stone, the modern tub, lighting and color, and the simple decoration make the whole bathroom space quite concise.

bathtub - designs - pic2

The second is a high-heeled shoe bathtub. This Creative bathtub is designed for shoe lovers by Massimiliano Della Monaca from Italy. Massimiliano Della Monaca turns the bathtub into an extra extra large high heel. The pretty bathtub looks like a perfect artwork. Part from its beautiful experience, with the water outlet on the top, it also offers a soft and comfortable bath experience. If you have a large bathroom, try this amazing bathtub.

bathtub - designs - pic3

The third is a recreational bathtub. It is designed by Rajani Baburajan. Shower also can be fun. This bathtub owns a marble lighting glass display system which is made from glass control panel and marble. The biggest feature of this design is that RGB LED hides its bottom and the lighting and the lighting, water flow, water temperature can be controlled. You can let the light surround you. When you have shower in it, it is really fantastic.

bathtub - designs - pic4

This wood bathtub is made of pine and oak, being pristine. The shape of the bathtub is like a small boat. The strong supports hold the boats stably. When having the shower in it, you may have a unique experience of swinging in the river. 

bathtub - designs - pic5

If you want to add some creative elements to your bathroom, you can add these attractive bathtub designs to it. These amazing designs not only offer you different bath experience, but also are the perfect and attractive decorations.

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Jul 19,2013 17:51 PM
The high-heeled shoe bathtub is really attractive. Where can i get it?