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Decorating Ideas for Backyard Gardens

Posted by Melodyhome on August 08, 2013 11:31 AM

The backyard gardens are one of the parts of your house. So if you have a backyard, it is also necessary to decorate it into a beautiful and stunning garden. It is really relaxing of having a cup of tea in the afternoon or drinking at the garden table in the backyard table. If you do not know how to decorate the backyard gardens, have a look at this article, which will share you some decorating ideas.

1.Add colored flagstones to your backyard.

If you want to your garden has a rustic feeling, you can choosing the colored flagstones for it. You can pave a small path through this yard, and just add the colorful flagstones, which will help to create the artistic look to the garden. Apart from that, you also can use the colorful flagstone to create a beautiful patio. It is really a fantastic place for you to have a cup of tea.

2.Select a miniature fountain for your yard.

It is really a fantastic idea to choose a miniature fountain for your backyard garden. With the small fountain, you can experience the calming sound of running water. Hearing the comfortable sound of the water and at the same time having a rest in the garden is really an amazing thing. But due to the limited size of the backyard, do not choose a full sized fountain. A miniature fountain can go well in a small backyard.

3.Choose potted flowers or trees for the yard garden.

The plants are indispensable if you want to create a beautiful garden. You can go to the market to choose some potted flowers and the potted trees. The flowers will bring different colors to the backyard garden as well bring attractive smells to you. The trees will add green to the garden. The potted plants are more easily to remove around the garden. You also can arrange them at the sides of the flagstone walkway, thereby, enhancing the overlook of your yard.

4.Choose patio furniture for the backyard.

The patios furniture is really necessary. When you want to sit in the garden, or want to place your coffee cups, the seats and tables are needed. The material for the backyard garden is better to be metal and their designs are better to be concise. As for the size, you can accord the garden size. A hanging chair will also go well in the backyard garden and it will bring you much fun.

A backyard vegetable garden should contribute to your family's well-being without taking too much of your scarce free time. Here is something to consider when you design and decorate your backyard gardens.
garden size - the size you choose for your vegetable garden will be determined by the amount of available space and the amount of energy you wish to commit to the project.

Put the "hill" in your backyard garden

I love the flowers

Make  your steps no longer monotonous

Wow, so cool design

Waterfall backyard garden design

I love the  Stonebridge design - beautiful garden

Let old things become more valuable

So easy - you can do it yourself

wind exposure - in windy areas, a fence or berm can serve as a wind barrier.

proximity to trees, root systems - besides the shading effects of trees, consider the spread of their roots. Locate your garden plot at least 10' beyond the drip line of any nearby trees. If you must grow close to any trees, you may need to dig a barrier around your garden to block root incursions.

orientation to sun and shade - the plants in your garden will want to face south, and will require a minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. Observe the path of shadows during the day from any trees, fences, tall objects or adjacent buildings in your yard.

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47 comments{elae}comment
Sep 10,2013 15:57 PM
I think simple is the best.
Sep 06,2013 18:02 PM
I think it is a good idea that planting a vegetable garden in the back garden.
Sep 05,2013 17:33 PM
Viburnum, Lonicera, Viola tricolor, Sedum \'Herbstfreude\', Rosa rugosa, Arum italicum, Acorus gramineus, Rohdea japonica, Dianthus gratianopolitanus, Helleborus......all these will blossom in the winter.
Sep 04,2013 18:02 PM
what the durable flower for the winter garden?
Sep 03,2013 11:42 AM
I only know the plum flower, Doris.
Sep 02,2013 18:12 PM
flower garden is romantic!
Sep 02,2013 18:11 PM
which flowers will bloom in winter?
Aug 31,2013 17:54 PM
flower garden is my favorate, i like to grow different kinds of flowers in mu yard.
Aug 31,2013 17:38 PM
which flower will attract butterfly in the garden?
Aug 30,2013 18:04 PM
i want to design a japanese style garden for a peace life.
Aug 30,2013 17:13 PM
is there any guide for me to turn my garden into a colourful flower garden.
Aug 30,2013 14:56 PM
Hi, Lily, rose, I think is the best choice.
Aug 29,2013 18:09 PM
garden is always a popular place for housewives.
Aug 29,2013 18:03 PM
i have a yard. i want to turn it to a beaituful garden. Which plants i should choose?
Aug 29,2013 18:00 PM
I want my garden has a rustic feeling, I CHOOSE the colored flagstones for it
Aug 29,2013 12:03 PM
Yeah, Fallacy, I agree with you. In the weekend, manage my garden , It\'s make me very relaxed.
Aug 28,2013 18:06 PM
my favorite thing in weekend is manage my garden!
Aug 28,2013 16:06 PM
You planing a small wedding party in your back yard garden, you must consider the area of your garden and how many people will attend your wedding.
Aug 23,2013 11:32 AM
i am planing a small wedding party in my back yard garden. What can i used to decorate the garden?
Aug 22,2013 16:08 PM
yes, tree also can save energy bill for us in the summer. You\'d better plant trees under the window.
Aug 22,2013 13:42 PM
I like plant some fruit trees in the garden, such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries.
Aug 22,2013 09:40 AM
i think the trees will add green to the garden. i like the trees. The potted plants are more easily to remove around the garden.
Aug 21,2013 18:04 PM
which trees are suitable for the backyard? i want to the threes to shade the sun in summer.
Aug 21,2013 17:41 PM
garlic, green onion, potato are easy to grow. you can have a try.
Aug 21,2013 14:23 PM
cabbage easy to grow in the garden, only need some soil and water. Very simple, you can try.
Aug 20,2013 18:02 PM
which vegetables are easy to grow in garden yard?
Aug 20,2013 18:00 PM
i think if i have a backyard, it is necessary to decorate it into a beautiful and stunning garden.
Aug 20,2013 16:53 PM
if you do not have garden, you also can plant your loved flowers or vegetables on the balcony, in the kitchen.
Aug 20,2013 10:05 AM
Full use of garden, layout is very important ,and it is best to form a good ecological.
Aug 19,2013 17:07 PM
there are many choices in the garden, flower, vegetable, herb, pond, outdoor furniture, rockery。
Aug 19,2013 15:50 PM
Lovely website. Lovely photos! Please have a look on my website too http://www.kidsfunincyprus.com/ Regards
Aug 19,2013 10:32 AM
If you want to make you yard not to appear clutter, layout is very important .
Aug 17,2013 18:07 PM
i want to turn my backyard to a garden. My yard is a little small. So how can i make the small yard not ot appear clutter when i add furniture and plants in it?
Aug 17,2013 16:49 PM
garden can be the source of green food for us, so i spend much time on it. now most of our food is from my garden. i feel excited and satisfactory when harvesting.
Aug 17,2013 14:02 PM
How to grow roses in the garden? what needs attention when Planting roses.
Aug 17,2013 09:04 AM
I want my garden to have a rustic feeling, so I pave a small path in my garden. It looks good!
Aug 16,2013 17:50 PM
i like to grow green vegetables and fruits in the garden, it\'s eco-friendly and good to our health.
Aug 16,2013 09:28 AM
find the suitable patios furniture for you is really necessary. this is an useful article.
Aug 16,2013 09:21 AM
I installed a fountain in the garden , and in the fountain I raised a lot of small fish. Up every morning to see these fish, I feel this day is full of vitality.
Aug 16,2013 09:14 AM
i am going to buid a beautiful garden for my kids. Which flowres should i pick?
Aug 15,2013 18:05 PM
garden is a good place for us to relax and enjoy the sunshine.
Aug 15,2013 10:56 AM
Dear, Michael Merritt. I knew some ideas about how to decorate your stunning garden: First : planting flowers Second: growing vegetables Third: install a fountain Fourth: if you have children , you can build a paradise in the garden . Hpoe can help you ~~~
Aug 14,2013 17:46 PM
I have a backyard, and I want to decorate it into a beautiful and stunning garden. Can you give me some advice?
Aug 14,2013 17:31 PM
yes, backyard garden can beatify our home, purify the air, provide fresh and green food for us.
Aug 14,2013 09:39 AM
A beautiful garden is really a fantastic place for rest.
Aug 14,2013 09:39 AM
how i wish i could have such a backyard garden!
Aug 14,2013 09:37 AM
I like to grow vegetables in the backyard garden, or plant some flowers.