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Creative Bed Design Appreciation

Posted by Melodyhome on January 23, 2013 10:12 AM

Who says the bed design only can be regular? Actually, the creative ideas also can be applied on the bed. Just imagine the feeling when sleeping on a special designed bed. Many furniture designers have fully used their imaginations and bring us some amazing bed design. Let’s enjoy now.

bed - design - pic1

The first creative design is the concept bed – Fbed from Facebook. We all know the social-networking giant – Facebook. Someone has designed the Facebook concept photo. Someone has designed the Facebook Concept ice cream. The concept bed – Fbed was designed by Tomislav Zvonarić. The shape and appearance of the bed was designed according to the famous mark of Facebook. You can put your computer at the headboard of the bed to work. When you feel tired and needs rest, this furniture also offers you place to sleep.

bed - design - pic2

The second bed design is a bed for baby. The design for the baby crib comes from the traditional shoes of Korea. The shape and lines of the bad look like a big shoe. It is very safe for baby lying in it. Around the bed, there is a “wall” to protect your baby from falling off the bed.

bed - design - pic3

The third is a rocking bed. Everyone may have the childishness. This bed may recall your children hood. It is actually called Private Cloud Model 1.2. It completely accord with ergonomic design. The highlight of this bed is that it adopts the element from baby crib: you can lie on the bed and rock until you get into the sweet dream. If you do not want it to rock, you can fix the bed at a comfortable angle to turn it into a common bed. It is carefully made from excellent oak and eucalyptus. So it is solid and durable.

After enjoying these creative beds, which bed design do you like best? Have the three creative designs given you some inspiration to design your own special bed? it is wise to add a creative bed to your home. The unique bed design is not just a piece of furniture, but also an artwork to decorate the house

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Jul 20,2013 17:54 PM
creative beds! Unique slepping experience!