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Creative Bathroom Accessories Design Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on December 27, 2012 12:00 AM

Do you want your monotonous bathroom space become colorful and beautiful? You can add some creative bathroom accessories in the bathroom. These unique bath articles are not only functional, but also will be the special decorations for the bathroom. Let’ have a look at these unique bathroom accessories designs.

bathroom - accessories - pic1

The first is a set of nostrils hooks. These “nostrils” hooks function very well. They can easily cope with a variety of surfaces, whether the ordinary walls, glass, mirror, desktop, or refrigerator panel. You can fix them on these surfaces easily. Each hook has two holes. Simply plug the small items such as pen and toothbrush into the hole and the “nostrils” will clamp them. With the fitted clip, the “nostrils” hooks also can be used to clamp the photo pictures and changes.

bathroom - accessories - pic2

We continue to explore and pursue a higher quality life, enhancing life pleasure. New technology and materials help our designers develop potentials to the fullest and demonstrate creativity. Let’s have a look at the fashion bathtub by talented Ukrainian designer Aleksander Mukomelov. Made with the advanced technology and excellent appearance, the bathtub named Infinity looks like a paper boat in a rocky stream. It will make you fell peace and relaxing by the aroma and music. Besides, there is a small computer installed on the side which can help adjust the temperature and the speed of the water.

bathroom - accessories - pic3

This touch faucet is named Tempdot and it is designed by Jaeseok Han. On the top, there are a row of touch buttons. Through the finger touch, you can control the flow size and temperature of the water. Compared with the traditional faucet, it is not only multi functional but also fashionable. You can use the hot water to charge the touch light.

bathroom - accessories - pic4

The towel racks in the bathroom always separately are fixed on the wall or on the bath cabinet. This designer directly designs the towel on the wash basin. This design is convenient for you to get the towel.

In the modern society, people have more and more requirements to the bathroom accessories. Creative bathroom accessories are becoming more and more popular. These creative designs are great to add fun to your bathroom

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