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Create a Bohemian Style Home

Posted by Melodyhome on January 17, 2013 05:53 PM

Bohemian style is both varied and colorful. This style is also amorous and mysterious. The bohemian style represents the ultimate romance, the exaggerated folk and uninhibited free imagine, giving people a strong visual impact and irresistible attraction. Especially in summer, the Bohemian style dress is a fashion. In recent years, this style is also popular in home decoration industry. Let’s design a Bohemian style fashion home now.

Coming from the name of a place in the Czech Republic, Bohemia takes in the multiple ethnic groups in Eastern Europe, Germany, Gypsy, Mexico. The flags of Germany and Mexico are striped. So these colorful stripes are also included in the Bohemian style. Putting a Bohemian style rug at the hallway will attract all the visitors’ attention and bring people bright mood.There may be various patterns on the rugs. Actually, the various patterns on the rug are a big feature of the Bohemian style.

The magic of Bohemian style is that it not only can show the noisy color but also can create the cold stone. Look at this carpet under the coffee table, which is in the blue, green and yellow color. Though the colors are bright, the carpet also gives a quiet feeling. It is suitable to put it under the coffee table to have the tea or coffee.

Bohemian - Style - pic2

“I am bohemian, and I am very happy.” This sentence can best express people’s love towards the style. Such a prominent place in the living room is the best place to show the master's spiritual pursuit. The curtain in living room must be dazzling, just like the Bohemian dress. This kind bright color curtain will become the focus in the room. Besides, you also can choose a beautiful sofa cover with amazing patterns and colors.

Your bedroom also can be decorated into the Bohemian style. Just add the metal bed to the room. Apart from that, the bedding with Bohemian patterns is indispensible. This matching will create a comfortable yet also fresh bedroom, being suitable for girls.

Bohemian - Style - pic3

See it is so easy to create a Bohemian style house. You just need to add some decorations in the house with bohemian patterns: like the rugs, carpet, curtains, sofa cover and the bedding. If you really want to your house be different, choose the Bohemian style to decorate the house.

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