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Classic Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by Melodyhome on October 10, 2012 11:47 AM

The modern kitchen design is an important part of the modern home decoration. Sumptuous cuisine is the desire of people after a busy and tired day. Kitchen environment is a space handling family’s diet. It is also the most frequent place in a house. Therefore, the rationality of the design is very important for a family. Today we are going to introduce you some classic Kitchen Design ideas.

Design by design-milk

kitchen cabinet design pic1
The semi-open kitchen can both ensure the independence of the kitchen and the spacious sense of shape space. The kitchen is with white and a small amount of blue, and the blue color is given by decorative painting and the carpet. That gives us a fresh and bright feeling. Two cabinets are used for dishes storage. The kitchen also has symmetrical wall with windows on both sides, which wonderfully take use of wall space. The console vertical part is with wooden extended desktop and two seats, which creates a simple dining table area.

kitchen cabinet design pic2

This is an IKEA style small kitchen. We can slowly savor its exquisite and excellent from the details. The whole cabinets are made of logs, as if they are tailor-made. The design of top cabinet and the corner cabinet can save a lot of space. It uses a wall for kitchenware storage. Hanging rods, S-hook and magnet turret make the kitchen neat and orderly. The small dining table set is the finishing touch. It makes the kitchen more functional. And it also ensures a spacious and flexible space.

kitchen cabinet design pic3

Small kitchen cabinets are very chic. The white whole cabinet and the trolley design are very unique. The long and thick handle has shaped the line texture of the kitchen. The kitchenette should not be lack of small decorations. The fish decorative painting and the beautiful flowers in the corner are the great fresh embellishment in the kitchenette.

All in all, kitchen design can be creative. You should use your head and make your kitchen more practical. The above are the three classic Kitchen Design ideas for reference

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2 comments{elae}comment
Aug 16,2013 09:50 AM
I like the open kitchen design , kitchen you recommend are too small ~~~
Jul 10,2013 17:40 PM
To my family, kitchen is the most important, so, it\'s spending a lot of energy when the renovation.