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Amazing Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Posted by Melodyhome on October 30, 2012 05:14 PM

In order to get a comfortable bath space, bathroom remodeling is absolutely a good way. Bathroom not only offers people a place to wash away tiredness, but also helps to lighten or eliminate work stress. There are some amazing remodeling ideas for you to totally change your bathroom.

bathroom remodeling pic1

For the bathroom with monotonous and cold color tone, there are 3 steps to remodel it. 

Firstly, select color for your bathroom to break its coldness and makes it appear refreshing. The simplest way is to paint the wall into a full brown color and paint the furniture into white, which can form a sharp contrast. In order to balance the color tone of brown and white, you also can use some accessories in the bathroom, like light green towels and small mats. The brown wall will match the light green towels perfectly.

bathroom remodeling pic2

Secondly, pay much attention to the details. The washbasin is the focus of the bathroom. So you can add some details for it. For example, you can change the original standard faucet into the ceramic handle faucet. The drawer handles can be replaced with retro styles. As for the lighting, you can choose the modern style with matte shade.

bathroom remodeling pic3

Thirdly, customize bathroom furniture. To restrain costs, you can customize some storage cabinets. The wall type shelf not only can save the room space, but is also convenient for you to place some toiletries. If you pick off the mirror, the wall will be empty. So at this time, you can just mount the mirror with frame. Besides, you also can create the effect of retro by painting the frame into aerugo.

A complete makeover requires much more. The upper ideas are just a small part of bathroom remodeling. Hope they can help you

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