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8 Tips on Achieving Dream Bedrooms

Posted by Melodyhome on October 30, 2013 05:11 PM

In the rush of our busy life, dream bedrooms are the best place we go to relax and have a good rest. Also bedroom is the most important place for homebody man and woman who like staying at home for longtime and rarely go out. The average person spends eight hour a night asleep in bedroom, while homebodies spend more hours in here. A new survey shows that bedroom décor has strong connection with how much sleep you have. It’s said that a well-designed space has the power to keep people in good mood. If decorating in right way, dream bedrooms are tress-off paradise which bring you more romance and more sleep.

Tip 1: The right bed.

Usually, bed is the most important of a dream bedroom. First, the bed and the mattress should be comfortable and soft that improve your sleep quality. Then, the beddings with different texture give your different feelings when walk into the bedroom and go to sleep. So, pick the texture that comfort to you and put you to sleep in short time.

Tip 2: The color scheme.

Look and feel is important. The color scheme mostly applies to the walls, floor and furniture. To create dream bedrooms you should pick some colors that relax you and satisfy you. Pink and red give us feelings of warm and sweet. White and black paint is always the classic style and beauty that never out of time. Blue and white blend, Mediterranean style fresh the bedroom and cheer up in spirit. It is up to you pick what makes you feel romantic.

Tip 3: The beautiful furniture.

Bed is not the only furniture you should pay attention to when you décor dream bedrooms. Pick beautiful furniture sets to create dream bedrooms. Wardrobe is the most important furniture next to bed and various form shapes. We have recess wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, modular partition wardrobe and many other types on the market. You should pick the wardrobe based on your need and the size of your bedroom. If your bedroom is roomy, you should consider placing a bench next to the window or at the end of your bed as an extra storage or place to read.  

Tip 4: The accessories.

There are many things you can do to create dream bedrooms. Add some accessories like fur rug, colorful pillows, and modern pictures and so on. Stylish furnishings or souvenirs always make bedroom more personalied. Sometimes you can DIY some interesting stuffs like chimes hanging on the window.

Tips 5: The lighting.

The lighting in bedroom is important as far as keeping the mood. Bothe lamp and chandelier are good choices. Recessed lighting would help you getting sleep in a sort time. If you want more romance in bedroom, light up candles to take care of the rest.

 Tip6: The floor.

The simple inlaid floor shows a new standard of understand elegance: easy- fit style for dream bedrooms, beautiful designed and concise color. Most people prefer white floor, because it looks good in any style bedroom and is easy to clean.

Tip7: The window.

To create dream bedrooms, a better light is the key. If you want a well-lighted bedroom, you should pay more attention on window design. French window is good idea for building a dream bedroom. Enjoy you weekend sitting on the chair next to the window and reading your favorite book must be wonderful.


Tip 8: The quiet environment.

Quiet environment always help calming your anxiety and upset motion caused by daily work. If you like thinking about problems in your dream bedroom, quiet environment is good for you. Keep dream bedrooms simple but not boring. Quiet environment does not mean the dream bedrooms would not have any sounds. Playing some light music you like and dancing with will give you a sweet dream later.


Want more romance and more sleep. Yes, it is what you want your dream bedroom be. Bedroom is where we start the new brand day and end the busy day work to have a good rest. Also, bedroom is an intimate place to keep little secret from others. If you want your bedroom be more romantic and more sleep take what I mentioned above into consideration when you decorating dream bedrooms.


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2 comments{elae}comment
Sep 01,2014 11:33 AM
Bedroom decor, I think, simple is best.
Nov 05,2013 13:29 PM
The colors choosing for the bedroom is quite important. i like pink bedroom. it is my dream color.