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4 Basic Window Design Principles

Posted by Melodyhome on January 28, 2013 08:18 PM
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In the design of the whole house, the designers should pay much attention to the window design. The window is just like the eyes. No matter from the function or the decoration, the designers should pay much attention to the window design effects. Today, this article will share you some principle when design a perfect window.

1. The opening style of the window. The opening style can determine the air circulation. The window is better can be completely open and open outwards. The window which opens outwards is more practical as well as let more fresh air come in the rom. The window which opens inwards is not good for the space utilization and the corner of the window will easily hurt people. 

2. The size of the windows should also be moderate. Windows can ensure the air flow freely and bring light in the room. If the windows in living room and bedroom are too big, there may be too much sunlight and heat coming in to the room and cause the rooms to be over-bright and hot. And in winter, the heat in the room will disappear quickly. But on the opposite, if the windows are too small, the air will not flow freely and people will feel depressed and nervous in the room.

3. In the window design, you should design a moderate height for the window. The height of the window top should exceed the height of the hosts. Thus, it will increase self-confidence and magnanimity of the hosts. When looking out of the window to enjoy the scenery, people will feel extra relaxed.

4 Design the window shape. The windows may be in various shapes:round, arch, square, and rectangular/oblong. Round or arched windows giving a quiet feeling are suitable for the bedroom and living room. The square and rectangular giving inspiring positive feeling are suitable to use in the dining room or the workplaces.

The window design is really quite important for the whole house. As the home ventilated, breathable and lighting source, the functions of windows in the house are obvious. A well-designed window also plays a role of decoration to the whole house. After know the principles of the window design, when you buy the new apartment, take a look at the window design.

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