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The Material Selecting for TV Wall

Posted by Melodyhome on January 21, 2013 03:56 PM

The TV wall is one of the important places in the living room. So its decoration has a great effect on the whole decorating effect of the living room. Nowadays, there are many materials can be used on the TV wall decorating, like the paint, wallpapers, stone and more. Let’s have a clear understanding of these materials.

TV - wall - pic1

A characteristic of the hand-painted wall is that the hosts can accord their preferences and needs to determine the style, color and moulding of the wall. The host can also take part in the painting and experience the interest of DIY. The painting is drawn on the wall not like other decorations hanging on the wall.

In recent years, more and more people choose the cultural stone to decorate the room, especially the living room with high ceiling and large space. When embed the rough cultural stone on the TV wall, there will appear a good decorative effect. The cultural stone has a good effect in absorbing the sound. It is also durable with beautiful textures.

TV - wall - pic2

Some people will also use the wood panel as the material of the TV background wall. There are a variety of wood at different material in the market. The wood panel materials are difficult to conflict with other material in the living room. It is also convenient to clean it. You can hang your photos or your favorite pictures on the wood TV wall.

The glass TV wall will bring a strong modern sense to the living room. It also can improve the brightness of the living room in low light. But the construction is more difficult. Beside, glass is not a good material in absorbing the sound.

TV - wall - pic3

Wallpaper may be the material that people are most familiar with. With different colors and patterns, it can create different decorative effect. And it is very simple to paste the wallpaper.

The decoration of the TV wall will make difference in the whole living room decorating. Before you choosing the material for decorating the TV background wall, think carefully what effect you want to achieve and what style you want your living room be. If you have a clear though, go ahead to choose the TV wall materials.

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