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Some Unique Round Tablecloth Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on October 10, 2012 03:29 PM

Nowadays, more and more people like to choose round tablecloth for their interior decoration. Although a piece of round tablecloth is small, it plays a large role in home decoration. Here we will introduce you some unique round tablecloths. Tablecloths can be used as background cloth and decorative cover cloth.

round tablecloth pic1

Handmade crochet round tablecloth is traditional pure craft. In the era of machining, the traditional arts and crafts are disappearing. So handmade crochet round tablecloth has the collection value. The material is dedicated natural cotton.

round tablecloth pic2

Petals fall from our eyes. It is so tranquil and quiet, and adds a bit of classical charm into the house. Whether dining table or small coffee table, they all reveal the owner's attitude to life. The round tablecloth can be used for disk pad or vase mat. The effect is outstanding. It is beautiful decoration. And it can avoid stubborn stains by furniture contamination. You can also use it as a phone cover towel.

White lace round tablecloth is made of quality cotton material. The workmanship is very chic. The surroundings use lace design, and has white background color with a floral pattern and overall magnificent and highly decorative effect. It belongs to the high-level furniture series.

round tablecloth pic3

Here is the upscale lace and the brocade cloth round tablecloth. The different styles of design can make your home look fresh and elegant, elegantly and gorgeous, romantic and flirtatious.

The slim lace and veil and the soft texture is not only easy to use but also easier to wash. It just needs a little detergent and can be very clean. Please wash by hand, and do not use the washing machine and bleach to avoid damage to the product.

It is carefully made by the manufacturers. And it is embroidered fabric with international quality brocade satin and popular German heavy cloth. What’s more, it is washable, easy to iron and do not fade, which indeed is the home craft.

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May 31,2016 19:28 PM
Hi I\'m looking for a tablecloths and I like the flowers one so I don\'t know how can I order. And how much it\'s the cost
Jul 01,2013 17:57 PM
Love the second, love the first and also the third, love all!