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Some Knowledge of Home Floor Plans for Decorating Your House

Posted by Melodyhome on December 19, 2012 12:00 AM

Based on architectural plan, home floor plans are diagrams to describe the interior layout of the different rooms. The details on the modular home floor plans include the position of walls, pillars, doors windows, the placement of the furniture, displays, the position and size of spatial dividers and the changes of ground elevation, steps, stairs and elevator.

floor plans picure1

1.    The ranges that the plan displays can be determined according the following points:
The floor and the material must be displayed. There are several specific mesa structure should be make clear: A. floor of different height should be indicated with different elevations. B. windows with large areas should also be indicated with different elevations. And some sign also can be used, like h=500 and more. C. uses the dotted line to display projective contour line of a garret or bay window, and then indicate the elevation.

2. The structure and decorating items which is connected floor can be displayed according their horizontal projection.

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3. The overhanging building components which is less than 1500mm can also be displayed according their horizontal projection. If the height is more than 1500mm, you can use dotted line to display projected outline. The lighting is no need to display on the plan. For example, the Hanging ambry can be described as the dotted line. Because the decorating floor plan is made base on the original building plan. In order to indicate the relationship with the original building plan and make sure the accuracy of construction, the decorating floor plan also display the inside and outside walls(use double heavy line), doors and windows, pillars( use the heavy line to draw the outline, blackening the inside or draw slash ).

Three are two ways to draw the wall on the modular home floor plans: you can draw it in proportion or according the fundamental sensation. If come across the load bearing wall, shear wall or wall column, you should blacken the inside of the double lines. As for the window, no matter what its material s, structure or opening ways are, you can use four parallel lines. For the door, you also can not consider its material and structure, but you should indicate its opening direction and form.
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The main function of the home floor plans is to display the decoration layout, internal structures, material, function appliance and more. With the basic knowledge of the home floor plans, now can you make clear the signals on your home floor plan?

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