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Recommend You Some Fashionable Modern Chandeliers

Posted by Melodyhome on November 30, 2012 05:05 PM

Modern chandeliers play an important role in the overall style of the house. There are various styles of modern chandeliers on the market. You should choose the modern chandeliers which suites your whole home furnishing style.

Here we will introduce some different styles of modern chandeliers, and they have a different effect to beautify the house. Let’s appreciate them.

modern chandeliers pic1

In the blue and white color tone Mediterranean style space, the complex pattern of modern chandelier momentarily elevates the luxuriant sense of the space.

modern chandeliers pic2

The black wrought iron chandelier, with the European crystal lamp, gives us a gorgeous combination of romantic and Mediterranean style, which is fresh and natural. It brings the space romance and not too grand decorative effect.

modern chandeliers pic3

The ornate modern chandelier, with well carved vintage fireplace, makes the whole kitchen filled with romantic European-style classical charm. if you like the classic style, you can try this one.

modern chandeliers pic4

The white lamp chandelier omits the ornate decoration and the complicated patterns of the crystal. The concise and elegant curves also can express the chandelier’s elegant and romantic. The modern chandelier matches well with the natural wood space.

modern chandeliers pic5
The dark blue flower wallpaper makes the space filled with nostalgia and elegant aristocratic temperament. The blue modern chandelier highlights the gorgeous feeling of the room and adds a bright color to the house.

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