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Odd Rug Designs Appreciation

Posted by Melodyhome on January 30, 2013 12:00 AM

In the modern society, modern people use their own imagination to create a series of odd rug designs. These odd rug designs can meet different imagination, whether how strange that your hobby is. Even if you have heavy taste, it does not matter. These weird rug designs will make you satisfied!

NO.1: “Princess Leia” rug
When you are in the juvenile period, you may indulge in the fantasy world of the "Star Wars". Beautiful, intelligent, glamorous and sexy Princess Leia meets all your fantasies about women. Look at this upper rug. The sexy Princess Leia is sitting on the mythical beast rug. The mythical beast rug is making threatening gestures. But do not be deceived by the"cover-up"of merchant. Merchants do not sell the “princess” but the mythical beast rug.

NO.2: “Monster” rug
Do not be surprised, this rug has no relationship with your "World of Warcraft". This guy looks too brutal, so call it Monster is not an exaggeration! Look at its ferocious eyes. I do not know who have the dares to bring it home.

NO.3: “car accident” rug
Look at the third rug design. On the gray rug, there is a car crushed "cat",and a pool of “blood”. This situation is just like a car accident. So it is called the “car accident” rug. Young artists would probably say, "wow! Aesthetic violence!" But people who dare to put this carpet in the living room are not much!

NO.4: Blood river rug
If the upper odd rugs are just pieces of cake for you, then take a look at this one. For the above rugs, guests may not easily initially notice. But it is difficult that the bright red rug will be not noticed. Some people may feel that walking on this rug is like walking on the red carpet. But some people may tell you it is a blood river rug.

These above four rug designs are odd and strange. I believe only a little people has special hobbies will buy these odd rug designs. If there is a mask party or the Halloween is coming, preparing these odd rugs are also good choices.

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