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Energy-saving LED Light Bulbs for Home

Posted by Melodyhome on November 05, 2012 05:30 PM
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With the continuous development of the city lighting project, the use of LED light bulbs becomes more universal. On the Chinese market, LED light bulbs get an unprecedented development. The advantages of using the LED light bulbs are well-know n. They not only energy-saving, but also have a long service life. In addition, the versatile colors and shapes are also their edges.

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The low carbon economy becomes the development direction of each industry. LED light bulbs is much favored by people especially because of the energy-saving characteristic. And the LED light bulbs industry becomes the new favorite of lighting industry.

The Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games highlighted the rapid development of lighting industry through their lighting system. The incandescent lamps are weeded out, and the energy-saving lamps, LED lamps become popular. The green lighting is changing the lighting concepts of people. LED light bulbs bring new development opportunity to the lighting industry.

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The LED light bulbs are energy-saving, environmentally friendly. They feature less power consumption, long service life, rich color changes and strong controllability. They've become the fourth revolution on human lighting system. Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the biggest trend to the lighting industry.

At present, the LED has certain disadvantages compared with the regular incandescent light. The price is relatively higher; There is a large gap between the actual or practical luminous efficacy and theoretical luminous efficacy, the actual service life and theoretical service life. The lumens depreciation can be greatly reduced.

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But all these shortcomings can be overcame through technology process improvement. Although the LED light bulbs or sources can't completely replace the existing of traditional light source. It is believe that the light word will be the word of the LED light bulbs with the development of technology.

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