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How to Choose a Curtain Rod

Posted by Melodyhome on November 30, 2012 12:00 AM

When you select window curtains, have you ever realized that the selection of curtain rods is also very important? The design ability is embodied in exquisite details. Therefore, an appropriate curtain rod can well decorate the window, even the whole house. Many people are aware of the importance of the curtain rod. Here are some tips for you when you choose the curtain rod.

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The types of curtain rod

According to the visibility of curtain rod, curtain rod can be divided into two categories. One is that you can see the pole colors and the decorative head of the curtain rod. Because it conforms to the decoration trend of modern society, so it is accepted by more and more people. Another is that you cannot see the curtain rod, and this one is gradually being eliminated by the times. According to the material of the curtain rod, the earliest is the plastic, wood products, and then aluminum alloy, iron, zinc alloy products, until now the pure stainless steel materials.

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The principles of choosing curtain rods

The styles and colors should be harmonious. The selection of curtain rod is the selection of color and style. You should choose the curtain rod according to the home furnishing decoration and the main color of the curtain fabric, which can make the whole color of the room have aesthetic and harmonious feeling.

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For example, most people now have simple style home furnishings, so they should choose lively rhythm and simple lines curtain rods.

Curtain rod is the reflection of the owner’s taste. People like to observe others from details, so as the room decoration. The Small curtain rod can reflect the owner's taste from a side way.

Pay attention to the material of the curtain rod. You should choose a firm and durable product. Generally speaking, the plastic curtain rods are easy to aging; aluminum alloy rods are very easy to open after a long time; the color of iron products, if the latter surface processing is undeserved, is easy to fade. Only the pure stainless steel curtain rods are the best material, but it is very expensive.

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