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Home Decorators Collection—Blinds

Posted by Melodyhome on October 15, 2012 05:45 PM

Blinds are very important in the home decorators. Although it cost only a small part in the purchase of building materials, we need to know how to choose the quality blinds. The quality blinds can not only bring safety and quiet for the home environment, but also has a pretty good decorative effect. Therefore, to know well about the optional knowledge is very important.

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The ways of choosing blinds are not complicated. As long as you can be patient and meticulous, you will be able to buy the good products. Well, how to pick out the quality blinds? Here are some ways.

1. The types of blinds

The common types of blinds are plastic and metal blinds. Plastic blinds are relatively cheap, colorful and have good toughness, but the gloss and brightness will be a little worse. However, the mental blinds are superior to plastic blinds at brightness and durability, but the price is relatively expensive. We can choose according tour own needs.

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2. The appearance of the selection

You need to carefully observe the flatness and uniformity of the blinds, and check whether the gap between each blade is the same.

You need to see if the blade is smooth. Whether there is any burr left in poor workmanship.

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Check the blade to see if the blade fades or has obvious color difference (both sides should be carefully reviewed.

Pay attention to the gloss, and check whether the gloss in each blade is unified.

Make sure that the color of the blind is coordinated with the whole home environment.

The above are the points you should pay attention to when you buy blinds. Blinds are one of the essential parts in home decorator collection. If all these points have no problem, we can rest assured that the blinds have no problem.

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