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Free Floral Quilt Pattern

Posted by Melodyhome on October 10, 2012 12:00 AM

If I ask you what kind of quilt pattern do you like most? Perhaps most people may say floral quilt pattern. Yes, floral quilt pattern is becoming more and more popular, for this kind of pattern gives us a warm and pleasant feeling. Here we collected some quilt pattern for you, and hope you like it.

floral quilt pattern pic1

Elegant and beautiful floral pattern, neat and smooth lines, all these exude calm and restrained beauty. This is the floral quilt pattern. Soft and delicate hand feeling, warm and comfortable body feeling, and soft tone feeling, all these are stylish and subtle. Your little world can be refilled with flowers taste! Just imagine this: when you sleep on your bed with this floral quilt, and you must have a nice dream.

floral quilt pattern pic2

Stripes, plaid, graffiti, cartoon Snow White and mermaids cannot compare with the floral pattern on the stage of beddings. High-density cotton twill fabric is very soft and comfortable. The excellent skin-friendly is its important feature. The delicate floral patterns are fresh and beautiful. Loving flowers is a woman's nature. Take it home and let yourself sleep in a sea of flowers, and enjoy a sweet dream.

floral quilt pattern pic3

It uses 100% cotton high-density and twill printing fabric. Due to the high density of yarn, the hand feeling is delicate and soft. It is with good moisture absorption and air permeability, and hard to shrink.

floral quilt pattern pic4

The detail of the handwork is very user-friendly. It is popular in the international environmental printing, and formaldehyde-free and azo-free. What’s more, it is no stimulation to the human body. And the color is not easy to fade. The pattern is durable and bright, simple and stylish.

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