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Does Round Plastic Tablecloth Affect Our Health

Posted by Melodyhome on October 25, 2012 05:47 PM
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Plastic tablecloth has bright and elegant patterns, and can protect the desktop, and is easy cleaning. But some of the  plastic tablecloth on the table is harmful to our health. Although Plastic tablecloth is good-looking, it is easy to accumulate dust and bacteria.

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What’s worse, some plastic tablecloth is made of toxic vinyl chloride resin. Most of the plastic tablecloth is made of PVC. The additives of plastic tablecloth have a variety of harmful toxic substances. So most plastic tablecloth is harmful to our health.

The food and dishes are directly contacted with the plastic tablecloth, which is easy to make toxic substances enter the body, affecting the health and can even lead to related diseases. If the utensils and food contact with round plastic tablecloth for a long time, they will be contaminated with harmful substances, causing many unnecessary disease that affects our health.

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In our daily life, we should use less the around plastic tablecloth. Plastic tablecloth which can be scrubbed is more affordable, but you should choose the thick or the tablecloth that has the back reinforcement handled. Otherwise the plastic tablecloth is easily to be pierced.

If you do not like the feel of the plastic tablecloth, you can choose the cotton or linen tablecloth. To avoid the trouble of regular cleaning, you can put a piece of beveled glass on it.

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With the fast pace of life, many people are pursuing "fast" and "the easy way" in some small details. But the lack of health knowledge may inadvertently cause a chronic injury for your health. So you need to pay more attention about the plastic tablecloth.

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