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Creative Flower Pots Design Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on December 29, 2012 01:37 PM

Flower pots are containers that are used for growing plants. The beautiful flowers are better to be planted in a special flower pots. When the attractive flower is matching with the eye-catching flower pot, this set is a perfect addition to decorate the garden or your interior house. Today, this article will introduce you several unique flower pots.

flower - pots - pic1

This is a set of flower pots which can be hanged on the wall. There are several colors for you to choose. The height also can be determined by your preference. Hanging the flower pot on the wall not only can save you space, but also bring unique scenery. You can get it at designpublic.

flower - pots - pic2

This rectangle flower pot is designed by the Korea designer - Jung Hwa – Jin and it is called the polaroid flower vase. The designer inset a light in the flower pot. The light can offer plants lighting to grow. When hanging this unique flower pot on the window, it will become an attractive addition to decorate the window.

flower - pots - pic3

This is a simple design but also be special. This designer uses the lamp bulb instead of the flower. When turn on the light, the flower pot grew with green grass looks beautiful and attractive. You also can use it as a lamp.

flower - pots - pic4

This flower pot with clock can be regarded as a "biological clock". The energy of this clock does not come from the traditional battery or the machinery. A chemical reaction between the mud and metal becomes the power supply of this clock: so there is no more electric power waste or batteries disposal. It will help to create a timeless garden for your home.

flower - pots - pic5

Look at this flower pot: half for breeding fish and half for growing flower. This is the most creative flower pots I have ever seen. Placing the flower pots in your coffee table and you can enjoy the happy goldfish swimming around as well as the lively green plants.

This special designed flower pots are really full of charm and will freshen up any houses no matter what style your house is. So if you are going to buy decorations for your house, why not buy the unique flower pot and then plants your favorite flower in it.

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