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Cool Coat Hanger Ideas and Pictures

Posted by Melodyhome on November 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Coat hangers play an important role in the overall decoration style of the house. There are various styles of coat hangers on the market. But which one is your style? Here we will introduce several coat hangers. They all are practical and unique, and have different effect to beautify the house. Now let’s appreciate them.

coat hangers pic1

1. Wall hanging style of coat hangers look like a vertical forest, where there are full of various colors of “branches”, and each "branches" is slightly upward. It’s very convenient for you. So when you want to change your the dirty clothes, you can just throw it to the wall. It can be hung on the wall. Then a large piece of Art will be formed on the wall.

coat hangers pic2

2. Here is the creative coat hanger chair. Many people like to put their clothes on the backrest of the chair. The backrest and the surface of this steel frame chair are entirely made of coat hangers.  It can not only let you have a rest, but also has the function of coat hangers. You can not only find coat hangers easily, but also let you hung the clothes on the backrest of the chair.

coat hangers pic3

3. This is also a functional coat hanger. The idea of this coat hanger is very practical. It makes the coat hanger and chair become a whole part. The user can hang hat, jackets, umbrellas, handbags and other small things.

coat hangers pic4

4. When we hang clothes with coat hanger, we sometimes really worry about the deformation of clothes. Look at this coat hanger. It is like the shirt collar and made of wood. If you put it on the wall, then you can hang clothes on it.

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