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Contemporary Metal Wall Art Décor

Posted by Melodyhome on October 12, 2012 12:07 PM

The contemporary metal wall art is a new category of home decoration. It uses high-tech aluminum-magnesium alloy as raw materials, which creates a brand-new wall decoration material. This metal wall is a great exploration in the home improvement.

Contemporary metal wall art tries to subvert the established concept of the traditional decorative materials and breaks the limitations of the home wall decoration. It no doubt adds a whole new vitality for the home industry.

Contemporary metal wall art pic1

Contemporary metal wall selects the high-tech environmental protection aluminum-magnesium alloy for raw materials, and has no chromium, mercury, cadmium and other harmful metal elements. It is healthy and environmental protection. It is the texture unique personalized wall art.

Contemporary metal wall art pic2

As a new type of wall decoration material, the contemporary metal wall art is high temperature resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, ultra-stable and do not fade. The patterns of the mental wall have a variety of styles.

Compared with traditional materials, the installation of contemporary metal wall is more convenient, with good sound insulation and absorption. And it is stain and scratch resistance, and strongly non-shedding, non-corrosive, no rust, no deformation and has a long service life. It provides the personalized parties with an unlimited creative platform.

Contemporary metal wall art pic3

You can also customize metal wall. People have given the metal wall flexible change and creativity. It is not a simple product, and a lot of rich and personalized idea can be achieved. For example, consumers can print their wedding on the wall or on the screen, which is the advantage of customization.

Contemporary metal wall art
is the leader of home fashion and modern minimalist life. it is also the symbol of high quality of life. It indeed is a way of life. We advocate an attitude toward life, and contemporary metal wall art is the best description of quality life and lifestyle.

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Jan 13,2017 04:33 AM
I am interested in the metal wall art.... Is it for sale and price please?
Oct 06,2014 08:19 AM
Hi, Where can I buy the metal wall art in the 3rd Pic above? Regards, Sri