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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Posted by Melodyhome on October 15, 2012 05:30 PM

In our daily life, one thing can give you a feeling of comfort. When you stand barefooted on the carpet, you can feel it’s so real and soft. However, the biggest drawback of carpet is that it is too much trouble to take care of them. In fact, there are proper ways of the carpet cleaning. Here are some carpet cleaning tips for you, so that you can easily clean the carpet.

carpet cleaning pic1

1.Ordinary stains

If the carpet is stained with dust and other common stains, the most common method is to use the vacuum cleaner to clean along the direction of the fur. If you encounter the serious local stains, you can use the carpet PCE or PCE to wipe it, then wipe it with a damp cloth net, and dry it in the shade. Do not make the carpet too wet, so as not to damage the organization of its back. If that, the carpet will become very easy to dry, and can lead to serious carpet moldy.

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2.The coffee stains on the carpet

In the afternoons, you can ask a few friends sitting around in the carpet chatting and drinking tea and coffee. That’s very happy. If someone accidentally spills coffee on the carpet, it is very disappointing. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it. I will introduce a simple and practical way for you. First, use the dry cloth or paper towel to absorb water, and mix the same amount of liquor and alcohol, then sprinkle on the carpet stains. Use a dry cloth to wipe it clear. In addition to coffee, black tea, cola, juice, and other food stains with colors with the color, you can also use the same method to clean it.

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3.Pet odor on the carpet

Soft carpet is also the playing and resting place of pets. But for a long time, the odor of the pets will be left in the carpet. How to remove the pet odor on the carpet? The carpet cleaning method is very simple. Add 4 cup vinegar in the warm water, and use a towel soaked in it, and then wipe it. The vinegar can not only prevent discoloration and the fading of carpet, but also eliminate the pet odor left on the carpet. Then put the carpet in the ventilated place to air dry.

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