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Beautiful Wall Decals for Bedroom

Posted by Melodyhome on October 26, 2012 11:21 AM
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Does your house  have  wall decals? If you want to make your home look different from others, but do not have time for the good decoration, then a good-looking and practical style wall decal is the most appropriate decoration. Wall decals are different from the traditional hand-painted wall.

You can paste the ready-made patterns by yourself, and also experience the fun of DIY. Electing a good pattern of wall decals to attach to your home can not only highlight the owner's interest in life, but also can give your home new life. Here are some cases of bedroom wall decals.

wall decals pic1

Flowing musical staff

The flowing green lines, butterflies and stars are like the flow of the staff, which brings you a sense of rhythm of music. Decorating the white wall with green can add fresh vitality into your home.

wall decals pic2

Love grass

The love grass is falling from the ceiling, which makes the pink princess room have a unique flavor. White love grass adds a layer of bead curtain in a pink background, which brings a fantastic feeling.

wall decals pic3

Starry sky

A star pattern wall decal makes people think of the vastness of the night sky. Looking up little starry covered with the night sky. The original monotonous white walls soon has a feeling of interests.

wall decals pic4

Ebullient red

Paste some white flowers on the elegant red walls. Under the white flowers, the red wall looks more elegant. In addition, the love poem makes the room filled with the breath of love. What a fantastic and romantic wall decal.

Wall decals are also good choice for nursery wall decoration. If you are interested in it, you can go here to learn more.

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