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Choosing the Anime Wallpaper to Decorate Kids' Room

Posted by Melodyhome on December 22, 2012 12:00 AM

Nowadays, more and more young people or even the middle aged people like to see anime. So anime wallpaper is also more and more popular. If there is an anime or a character you like most, you can buy the anime wallpaper to paste on your kids’ wall. Today, this article will introduce several attractive anime wallpapers for you.

anime wallpaper pic1


This pink Kirby (Nintendo) Anime Wallpaper looks so cute. It is suitable for the girls’ bedroom. On the picture, Kirby, Fumu and Bun look so cuddly and lovely, like they're really saying hello to you! On the wallpaper, there are also different capture of all their expressions and personalities. When you paste this wallpaper on the girls’ bedroom, the whole room will also become cute.

anime wallpaper pic2


The second is the Doraemon wallpaper. It is great wallpaper for your kids’ room. I believe many people are familiar with the story of Doraemon. Doraemon is a cat robot from future world and it uses its own magic of bag and all kinds of wonderful props to help Nobita solve all difficulties Doraemon story bring people into a wonderful, imaginative world.Also is so, it can be used as an evergreen image, along with several generations of children's growth. Most kids will love the cute Doraemon wallpaper.

anime wallpaper pic3

 The third is the Conan wallpaper. The Conan is also a famous anime in many countries. Gosho Aoyama, the Japanese artist who merged his love of Sherlock Holmes, Akira Kurosawa and Arsene Lupin III into the long-running manga and anime series Detective Conan. Many kids like the witty, courageous, sincere, kind-hearted leading character – Conan. If your kids love the attractive anime, why not paste its bedroom with the Conan wallpaper. When your kids see their favorite character, they will set them as an example and learn from Conan. So Conan wallpaper is absolutely a good choice when you choosing the wallpaper.

Try anime wallpaper in your kids’ room. Wallpapers which have anime characters on them are always fun and interesting. This kind wallpaper is great to add lively atmosphere to the bedroom. When choosing anime wallpaper, you can ask your kids which anime and the character he or she loves most and then make the decision.

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