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Abstract Wallpaper Appreciation

Posted by Melodyhome on December 25, 2012 12:00 AM

In today’s market, there is a large selection of beautifulc for you to decorate your houses. When refers to the abstract, we may always think of the abstract paintings. Actually, the wallpaper also can be abstract. Let’s appreciate the attractive abstract wallpaper.

abstract wallpaper 1

This is a white background wallpaper. The curved lines on the white background just gives people a three-dimensional feeling. As if your wall is curved. The apple tree on the white background adds an eye-catching detail to the wall. It is strange that apart from the apple on the tree, there are also sunflowers and strawberry on the tree.

abstract wallpaper 2

Look at this black abstract wallpaper. A lot of dots give you a feeling of endless. After installing this black wallpaper, it seems that the house is bigger than before. So it is suitable for the smaller home.

abstract wallpaper 3

The scenery of this wallpaper is just like an underwater world. In my opinion, the light blue and deep blue are the color of the sea water. Just use your imagination to think what the irregular items are. Is it the fish? Is it the coralal? When paste this wallpaper in the room, the room will be like the underwater world, being magic and mysterious.

abstract wallpaper 4

The scenery of the this  wallpaper is at the time of nightfall. There is a big dry three on the middle of the paper. Behide the tree, it is a big tree leave. When you watch the wallpaper carefully, the branches on the tree are also like some person.

abstract wallpaper 5

The last wallpaper is designed by Sarah Milton. Sarah specializes in typographic wallpapers that beautifully combine typefaces and bright colors. By redesigning and beautifying the letters, Sarah ties to create new and unique abstract patterns for the wallpaper. Carefully watch the patters on the wallpaper, you will find our familiar letters.

It is quite simple to decorate your wall by pasting the beautiful wallpapers. There are many patters to choose from. Just try the abstract wallpaper. Abstract wallpaper is suitable for the modern style houses. This kind wallpaper is great to widen your imaginations. Apart from that, it will add art feeling to the houses.

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